4811-2 Hokujo Hakuba-Mura
Kita-Azumigun Nagano-Prefecture Japan



WwWe provide free pick-up and drop-off service.

For your pick-up, please let us know your arrival time at "Hakuba" train station or "Hakuba-Happo" bus stop (Happo-Bus terminal) before coming to Hakuba.
Please give us a call from the station or from information center at bus terminal.

Tel No.
from Japan: 0261-72-3433
from other country: 81-261-72-3433

Fax No.
from Japan: 0261-72-5698
from outside of Japan: 81-261-72-5698

E-mail address

Using trains from Tokyo.

Bullet train from Tokyo to Nagano, transfer to bus from Nagano to Hakuba.

A. Take the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagano Station from Tokyo, Ueno, or Omiya Station. For precise times, fares and platform numbers check with:

B. At Nagano station, go to the east exit and find bus stop #6. The bus bound for Hakuba destinations leaves roughly every hour from 8:20 to 21:45 and costs 1,800 yen. Please check with the Alpico website for updated times and info. Please remember that the last departing bus to Hakuba from Nagano station is at 21:45 - you have no public transport options to Hakuba after this time.
"Hakuba-Happo" is the nearest bus stop from our hotel.
From "Hakuba-Happo", you can ask the information center to call us for a pick-up. (need 10 yen to make a phone call)
You can tell us your arrival time before coming to Hakuba for meet you on time.
our phone number is 0261-72-3433

Using Express train to Matsumoto, and transfer to train from Matsumoto to Hakuba.

Take the JR Super Azusa from Shinjuku, Hachioji, or other stations along the route. There is one train that goes direct from Shinjuku to Hakuba (7:30 departure), or you will have to change in Matsumoto to the Oito line bound for Shinano-Omachi and Hakuba (some of these connections have a long wait in Shinano-Omachi). The Super Azusa departs every hour from Shinjuku to Matsumoto from the JR station in Shinjuku. Please check with this website for precise times:
Call us for your pick-up at the station
Also you can tell us your arrival time before coming to Hakuba for pick-up on time.

Using Chuo Taxi.
This will be the easiest way to come to our hotel.
It's a direct bus from the air ports to our hotel.
So easy to get to Hakuba without worrying anything.