Public Bath (Hakuba-Happo Onsen) Natural hot spring

The water from the same hot spring as Hakuba Happo Onsen.
Natural hot water from the ground. The Onsen water alkalinity is rated highest in Japan. Known as hot spring water for beauty and health.
Great for reducing muscular pain, nerve damage, bruising, poor circulation, fatigue and not to mention is very good for keeping the skin soft, supple and looking beautiful.
Perfet to enjoy Japanese Onsen style and Winter sports in Japan.

There are 2 types of public bath in our hotel.
One is totally public and the other bath is that guests can use privately by locking the door of the bathroom, which is located near front desk.
So, you can choose to use public typical Japanese style Onsen or feel free to use private one too.

Open hours
06:00 ~ 09:00 - Morning
16:00 ~ 22:00 - Afternoon
24hr for private Onsen


Great views from restaurant Window every morning.
There's an entrance to Ski-in and Ski-out, located just next to the restaurant. There's no walking distance to the ski area, only you need to do is one step out of the door.
Whenever you want to go to the other ski resort in Hakuba, there are shuttle busses are running from very close to the hotel.

Restaurant Open hours
07:30 ~ 09:00 - Breakfast
18:00 ~ 21:00 - Dinner

Other Facilities

Common Rooms

Chatting with your friends after meal or skiing.
There are 2 types of the rooms, 1 is with Japanese style Kotatsu (A traditional heater in Japan), and the other one is with fire place and sofa.

Whenever you want to use our fire place, please let us know in advance.

Front Desk

At the front desk, we provide following services.
・Discounted Lift Passes
・Booking Massage service in your room
・Takkyubin (Sending your luggage to the air port or any other place in Japan)
or any other question if you have,
please feel free asking us!

Entrance to the ski area

An entrance to the ski area, located next to the restaurant.
You wil be able to Ski-in and Ski-out! Takes just one step out of the building!


Drying Room

There are 2 Drying rooms for your Ski/Snowboard equipment. 1 of the drying room is located near from the ski area and able to wear with your ski/snowboard boot inside of the building and walk way to the ski area.

There's an hot waxing iron in the other drying room. Plase feel free to use the waxing table.
Versatile wax is available at the front desk.

Laundry machine and dryer

For your long term stay or travel, we have free laundry machine and dryer in our hotel.

Whenever it's available, please feel free to use.

We put free detergent next to the machine. When it's runnig out, please come to the front desk and feel free asking the new one.