Japanese style room in main building

Japanese style room in main building

 Close to public Onsen, There are no beds in the Japanese style rooms in main building, and floor will be tatami mattresses.
For our foreign guests who are unfamiliar with sleeping in Futon, we have thicker Futon mattresses are available. And we are happy to help our guests making Futons to get ready to sleep.

About the price for 2019-2020 Winter season.
December 20th to February 11th
February 12th to March 1st
March 2nd to March 29th

(1st, 2nd, 3rd Jan, 10th-13th Jan, 11 Feb, 21nd-23rd Feb, 3rd Mar, 19th-21nd Mar,) +1,500 yen
End/New year period (Dec 28th to Jan 3rd) +2,500 yen


* In-room equipment: heater, cooler, refrigerator, toilet, TV, Wash basin, electric water kettle

* Amenity: Green tea, Bath towel, face towel, toothbrush